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Our mission


Green Express Company is an importer and supplier of crop protection products. All products have passed state registration in Ukraine have the necessary permits and are made in the same factory, where they place their orders large multinational corporations.

Sales of our company through an extensive network of regional suppliers in all regions of Ukraine.

Regional Manager Team Green Express provides advisory support for the organization of protection, proper and safe use of drugs.


Preparations of Green Express proved quality and effective crop protection products and not inferior to the best world standards due to perfect the system of quality control of drugs. The Swiss company SGS carries out quality control at all stages of production, starting from procurement of raw materials and ending with the final product certification.

Today, the company Green Express offers comprehensive protection system of major crops, which have proven to be efficient and cost effective, and have been applied in the arsenal of many agricultural Ukraine.

Green Express Company is part of a large agro-holding, which includes major producers and companies that offer a variety of technologies for effective management in rural areas. Products and the latest technology our company previously tested in our agricultural fields, because we deeply believe in high economic and practical efficacy of our products.

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