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Canadian Selection

Dear Sirs!

Company Green Express always coordinated own development with its customers' needs by offering the market only those products and services that will soon become necessary and will allow customers to achieve even greater results.

Over the past few years, Green Express has become an expert in the production of crops such as soybeans. We clearly understand how to achieve good results, not only in protecting soybean, but also in the technology of its cultivation, starting with soil preparation, seed selection, planting and ending with the proper organization of soybeans.

We have concluded, that in order to make our client fully satisfied with our range of products and services, we have to offer him those products that are important in the production of soybeans. Such components of success become our seeds and protection system.

Company Green Express is pleased to inform you that Canadian selection become the division within the company Green Express. That is why business in seeds distribution is a logical addition to the entire range of our products. Project Manager appointed by Senior Research Consultant Green Express- Igor Siminsky, that while working in the company Green Express and got enough experience to handle such an important area for us.

Company Green Express in the framework of project Canadian selection offers high performance and high in protein varieties from the best Canadian breeding companies, that is best suited for growing in all regions of Ukraine.

We invite you to acquainted with crops in our lines in Zhitomir and Poltava regions, as well as commodity crops of our partners and customers all over the Ukraine to meet in more detail with our products and talk about future plans.

In recent years soy has become one of the most famous crop for our farmers. We hope our experience will benefit the company in a professional production of soybeans, and those who want to start the production of this crop.

For cooperation, please contact to the Project Manager Canadian selection - Igor Siminsky.
mob.: +38 095 275-3016


or to the company Green Express:
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+38 044 494 2921

Best Regards, Our team Green Express!

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