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Corporate responsibility

Company Green Express always worried about the quality of their products.

Preparations company for many years been one of the best plant protection products on the market of Ukraine.

We achieved this result through hard work and high standards of quality of our products. From the very beginning, the company Green Express has sought to provide its customers with quality and efficient protection of plants, not forgetting about the possible impact on the environment.

Therefore, all our products undergo strict quality control, which makes the world leader in inspection services, expertise, research and certification of the Swiss company SGS.

Company SGS makes a number of laboratory studies aimed at obtaining high quality products. Analysis of drugs occurs in 17 different biophysical parameters.

Our products are in control at all stages of production, starting and ending with product manufacturing test goods before shipping.

We are the only company in Ukraine, which makes the control of each batch produced by the methods of the International Association of Analytical common pesticides (SIRAS). After a detailed analysis, we are confident in our quality.

Preparations of Green Express to produce reliable and convenient canisters in the middle containing ftoryste special coating that ensures a secured environment.

That is why, with all the confidence we can say - choosing our products you can be assured of its quality, efficiency and reliability.

We are proud of the results achieved and obtained the trust from our customers.

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