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Customer support

Company Green Express produces a uniform and efficient plant protection products. Thanks to what won the trust and recognition of our customers.

Year after year, our managers will provide consulting services for handling of drugs.

To educate our clients in the field of plant protection and maximum yield from their crops, our specialists conduct seminars, workshops and lectures, which they help select the most appropriate scheme of protection for your crops taking into account all climatic features of the region and other key factors that affect the quality harvest.

For customers who use our products, managers Green Express hold control application. The purpose of which is to control the drug directly in the field, ensuring the best result of our products, and minimizing the human factor. The process of preparation was displayed in a special act of the survey, which includes a wide range of factors, from weather conditions and ending with the phytosanitary condition of crops.

If a potential customer is willing to try our products in action, we offer it to test the introduction of our products to protect their crops and the opportunity to evaluate the benefits of our products in action.

Help our clients in growing good crops - is one of the main objectives of our company.

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