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The active substance: imidacloprid, 700 g/kg
Physical form: granules, water-dispersible (WG)


Comanch WG - highly effective disinfectants rapeseed, sunflower, corn, soybean and sugar beet systemic and contact action against a wide range of pests.


Mechanism of action:

Comanche WG - The active ingredient of the drug is to hlornikotyniliv new group of substances. It blocks the transmission of nerve impulses in the body of insect pests boasting new mechanism of action that eliminates the occurrence of resistance in pests. Processed seed is under insecticidal protection against all of the most dangerous pests. The active substance is absorbed through the roots and evenly distributed in the plant, which results in long lasting protection against sucking and biting pests at low rate of drug consumption

Culture Registration Status consumption rate (kg / 1 ton seeds) Spraying period
Sunflower Registered 10,5 Doposivna seed treatment
Soy 7
Rape 5
Corn 28
Winter wheat 0,5
Sugar beet 60
(128.6 g per 100 tys.nasinyn)

Advantages of the drug:

  • provides guaranteed protection of crops from pests in the most vulnerable phase during germination to the formation of several true leaves
  • a new mechanism of drug action eliminates resistance in insects
  • no negative impact on seed germination
  • New technology allows the production of grains maximize the solubility of the drug
  • highly systemic seed disinfectants against a wide range of pests

Recommendations for use:

Seeds should be cleaned from dust and impurities, basic humidity. Do not use broken and sprouted seeds. Protruyennya carry on designated machines. Follow safety rules when working with pesticides.

The range of actions:

Target objects:

Product supplied in cardboard barrels and packed in 1 kg aluminum bags, which are located in environmental water soluble bags.

Barrel - 20 x 1 kg