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The active substance: Dyfekonazol + metalaxyl-m, 33,7 g/l, 2,7 g/l
Physical form: concentrate, which flows for seed treatment (SС)


Cenzor XL SС - two-component universal systemic fungicide for pre-treatment of cereal seeds.


Mechanism of action:

Systemic drug. Destroys pathogens that are on the surface (exogenous) and inside the seeds (endogenous). Do not show retardantnoyi and phytotoxic action. Upon germination extends seedling root system and protecting the plant for a long period of time.

Culture Registration Status consumption rate (l / ton) Spraying period
Winter wheat Registered 1,5-2,0 preseeding protruyennya seeds

Advantages of the drug:

  • Long-term protective effect
  • No effect on germination energy and germination
  • Reliable protection of seeds in the most critical period of development
  • Widest range of controllable diseases among existing disinfectants
  • Promotes the development of productive stems
  • Has no analogues in the CIS

Recommendations for use:

Before use, the canister thoroughly shaken. The seeds for this process, using refined and calibrated. Of 1 ton of seeds used 10 liters of working solution. Observe safety precautions when working with pesticides. Combined with other disinfectants, including insecticides and micronutrients.

The range of actions:

Target objects:

Culture Diseases
Wheat smut Tilletia caries, T. tritici
Flying smut Ustilago tritici
Root rot Fusarium spp., Bipolaris sorokiniana
                 Rhizoctonia spp., Pitium spp.                  
mold seeds Penicillium spp., Aspergillus spp.
Septoria Septoria spp.
Snow mold Fusarium nivale

Product is available in a convenient and reliable canister that has been tested for durability on the pressure and mechanical stress that occurs during transportation and storage. In the middle of the canister contained ftoryste special coating that ensures a secured environment.

Canister - 5 l