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The active substance: klotianidyn, 600 g/l
Physical form: concentrate, which flows for seed treatment (FS)


Vayper FS, - recent systematic disinfectants for effective protection against soil and ground pests with long-term protection period.


Mechanism of action:

Viper FC acts on sodium channels of the nervous system of pests resulting in blocking the transmission of nerve impulses and as a result the insect dies. The active substance due to its mobility is evenly distributed throughout the plant, guaranteeing the best performance.

Culture Registration Status consumption rate (l / ton) Spraying period
Corn Registered 3,5 Before planting seed treatment
Sunflower 4,5

Advantages of the drug:

  • most long-term protective effect - 12-14 weeks
  • does not reduce the germination and vigor of seeds
  • kills the larvae of the May beetle
  • immediate effect on pests, called,, knockout effect "
  • slowly washed away as a result of heavy rainfall

Recommendations for use:

Seeds should be cleaned of dust and impurities, moisture base, the party should not be broken seeds.Не потрібно додатково додавати прилипачі, так як вони містяться в препараті.Протруєння здійснюється на спеціально відведених машинах.Якість нанесення робочого розчину контролюється за інтенсивністю забарвлення.

The range of actions:

Target objects:

Corn - Swedish fly, flea beetles, wireworms nespravzhno, wireworms, larvae of the May beetle.
Sunflower - midlyaky, wireworms, nespravzhnodrotyanyky, gray beet weevil, beetle larva May.

Product is available in a convenient and reliable canister that has been tested for durability on the pressure and mechanical stress that occurs during transportation and storage. Inside the canister contained ftoryste special coating that ensures a secured environment.

Canister - 5 l