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The active substance: nicosulfuron + rymsulfuron, 500 g/kg+250 g/kg
Physical form: soluble granules (WG)


Nika Plus WG - two-component systemic herbicide to kill perennial and annual grass and dicotyledonous weeds in maize crops.


Mechanism of action:

Nike Plus WG - blocks  enzyme atsetolaktatsyntazu that is essential for the synthesis of essential amino acids. Absorbed leaf surface of weeds and moved to the points of growth (cell division stops). Typical signs of herbicide: anthocyanin coloration, chlorosis, necrosis occur 3-10 days. The final death occurs within 14-30 days.

Culture Registration Status consumption rate (g / ha) Spraying period
Corn Registered 40-50 3-7 leaf

Advantages of the drug:

  • Extended spectrum of weeds controlled, particularly resistant, thanks to a combination of two active substances
  • wide range of Fertilizer on culture
  • low rate of introduction
  • total control of grass weeds, including species of mouse couch and chicken millet

Recommendations for use:

The optimum temperature for using Nike Plus WG is +15 - +25 ° C. When cooling to + 6 ° C or extreme temperatures product use is required. Do not use on crops of sugar and corn, as well as the parental lines. Reseeding corn wich processed product, just make the same culture. Do not lay the processing, if the culture is wet from rain or dew, wait the recommended conditions. For high efficiency herbicide add to your surfactant solution Escort at the rate of 0.2 liters / 100 liters of working solution. With the escalation of weeds add nitrate or urea (4-5 kg in physical weight).

The range of actions:

Sensitive  weeds         
Highlander, types Polygonum spp. buttercup, types Ranunculus spp.
amaranth, types Amaranthus spp. Mustard field Sinapis arvensis
Wild Radish Raphanus raphanistrum Chamomile, types Matricaria spp.
Netreba common Xanthium strumarium Wild wild turnip Barbarea vulgaris
starwort average, mokrets Stellaria media Datura normal Datura stramonium
Loboda white Chenopodium album horsetail * Eguisetum arvense
field bindweed * Convolvulus arvensis thistles types * Sonchus spp.
black nightshade Solanum nigrum Zhabriy, types Galeopsis spp.
Purslane Garden Portulaca oleracea Chystets, types Stachys spp.
Talabani field Thlaspi arvensis up, types Malva, spp
Kucheryavets Cofiyi Sisymbrium Sophia Wild Poppy Papaver rhoeas
Sunflower, windfall Heliantus annus Rape, windfall Raphanus napus
Sorrel, types Rumex spp. Rutka drug Fumaria officinalis
Sensitive grassy weeds         
Chicken millet Echinochloa crus-galli couch Elytrigia repens
mouse species Setaria spp. Rubber (from seeds and rhizomes) Sorghum halepense
Palchatka krovospynyayucha Digitaria ischaemum Vivsyuh normal Aventa fatua
volunteer cereals Triticum, Hordeum Timofiyivka, types Phleum spp.
Millet Crop Panicum miliaceum Pazhytnytsya multiflorous Lolium multiflorum
* - partial performance

Target objects:

Product is available in a convenient and reliable bank, which has been tested for durability on the pressure and mechanical stress that occurs in during transportation and storage. The set comes with a jar of measuring hood, which is very easy to use.

Bank - 500 gr