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The active substance: propizohlor, 720 g/l
Physical form: concentrate of emulsion


Propozan ЕС - selective soil herbicide action against a wide range of annual grass and flowering weeds for crops such as sunflower, corn, potatoes.


Mechanism of action:

Propozan ES  gives nitrogen metabolism and protein synthesis, as result the weed seedlings die. Phytotoxic effect on weeds is in the event that the herbicide screen available from the beginning of germination.

Advantages of the drug:

  • high efficiency, even in dry weather conditions
  • possible introduction of vegetation in crops on corn and rapeseed
  • high selectivity
  • no aftereffect on the following crops in crop rotation

Recommendations for use:

The surface of the field should be leveled, fine clotted (breast size up to 2 cm). Most stubble remains earned in the soil. After spraying exclude сultivation row, as this would destroy the herbicide screen. In the absence of light rain earnings harrows after spraying increases the effectiveness of action. To expand the spectrum can be used in tank mixtures with products:

- Corn - Estrazin SC

-Sunflower - Oksyhard EC, Estrazin SC Terramin, KE

-Soy - Metriks WG,  Estrazin SC

The range of actions:

Target objects:

Рroduct is available in a convenient and reliable canister that has been tested for durability on the pressure and mechanical stress, which occurred during transportation and storage. Inside the canister contained ftoryste special coating that provides guaranteed protection environment.

canister - 20 l