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The active substance: imidaklopryd, 200 g/l
Physical form: soluble concentrate (SL)


Alphazol, SL - Modern high-performance low-toxic systemic insecticide against a wide range of pests with prolonged protective effect (20-25 days) .


Mechanism of action:

The active substance Alfazol, SL belongs to a new group of active substances hloronikotyniliv. It blocks the transmission of nerve impulses in the body of insects - pests and thus differs from conventional drugs novel mechanism of action that eliminates the occurrence of resistance in pests.

Culture Registration Status consumption rate (l/ ha) Spraying period
Potatoes Registered 0,2 - 0,25 Vegetation
Wheat 0,25
Sugar beet 0,2-0,3

Advantages of the drug:

  • systematic preparation of neonikotinoyidiv, nitrogenous organic compounds that are essentially not active poison, and only in the body of certain species of insects it becomes toxic
  • used to fight shkodochynnymy insects that are resistant to pyrethroids and WCF
  • enters the plant and acts on insects for 20-25 days after treatment
  • quickly decays and is derived from the plant
  • steady to flush sediments and actions sunlight effective in high temperature
  • most economically advantageous cost of processing 1 hectare of systemic insecticides.
  • analogs registered against sucking pest complex on crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, plums, grapes, hops.

Recommendations for use:

Do not conduct spraying during flowering as the drug is toxic to bees. The optimum temperature for application is from + 12 to + 2500 drug processing carried out at achieving economic threshold of harmfulness. Spraying is carried out in dry calm weather. To extend the range of actions recommended tank mixtures with drug Punisher ES, SE.

The range of actions:

Target objects:

Potatoes - Colorado potato beetle; Apple - moth, leaf roller, aphids; Soy - acacia moth, thrips; Rape - Rape weevil, aphids, flea beetles cruciferous, pryhovanohobotnyk; Wheat - bug harmful turtle p`yavytsi, cereal aphids, thrips;
Sugar - zvychaynyk beet weevil, beet weevil gray, black beet weevil, flea beetles, schytonosky sandy midlyak, beet leaf aphid.

Product is available in convenient and safe package, which has been tested for durability on the pressure and mechanical stress that occurs during transportation and storage. In the middle of the container contained ftoryste special coating that ensures a secured environment.

Canister - 5 l