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The active substance: chlorpyrifos, 480 g/l
Physical form: emulsion concentrate (EC)


Dragun EC - modern pin broad-spectrum insecticide against sucking and biting insects.


Mechanism of action:

Dragun, CE had high initial toxicity by blocking the first atsetylholynesterazy enzymes that play an important role in the transmission of nerve impulses in insects. It has acaricidal properties destroyed as insects and herbivorous mites.

Culture Registration Status consumption rate (l/ ha) Spraying period
Wheat Registered 1,0 - 1,2 Vegetation
Apple 2,0
Rape 0,5-0,6
              Corn *
0,8 - 1,2
Sugar 2,0 - 2,5 germination

* Aeronautical making

Advantages of the drug:

  • contact insecticide - gastric and fumihantnoyi action
  • high efficacy against shkodochynnyh insects that are hidden life
  • most lasting protective effect of all contact insecticides - up to 30 days
  • maintains high efficiency at temperatures below +10 C
  • rapid insecticidal action, the death of insects observed within 48 hours
  • compatible with many pesticides except alkaline (eg, poly calcium phosphate) and herbicides propanilovoho type
  • unsurpassed efficiency in combating yea dross.
  • destroys herbivorous mites
  • analogs registered for use on crops such as peaches, potatoes, hops, alfalfa (seed crops)

Recommendations for use:

Do not pay in tank mixtures with drugs of sulfonylureas. The optimum temperature for application is from +10 to + 25 C. To extend the range of actions recommended tank mixtures with product Karatel ES. can be mixed with other product that have an alkaline reaction.
Spraying is carried out in the morning or evening, wind speed less than 3 m / s.

The range of actions:

Target objects:

Wheat - cereal flies, aphids, p`yavytsi, meat Ground beetles.
Apple - moth, leaf, moth, mites, aphids.
Soy - leaf-eating scoops, soybean moth, tobacco thrips, acacia moth, mites.
Corn - bavovnykova scoop, stem corn borer.
Sugar beet
- weevils, scoops, baby, schytonosky, flea beetles, popelytsyalystkova.
Rape - cruciferous flea beetles and bugs, rape weevil, Bilan, cabbage scoop, stem pryhovanohobotnyk.

Products is available in a convenient and reliable canister that has been tested for durability on the pressure and mechanical stress, which occurred during transportation and storage. Inside the canister contained ftoryste special coating that provides guaranteed protection environment.

Canister - 10 l