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The active substance: tiakloprid, 480 g/l
Physical form: suspension concentrate (SC)


Tianid SC - systemic insecticide to control wide range of pests on canola, soybeans and potatoes.


Mechanism of action:

Tianid SC - causes continuous excitation of the nervous system of pests and as a result over time causes death. The drug akropitalno move the plant and has translaminarnu action. After contact with the pest appears,, so-called knock-out effect ": stop insects to feed on and after a short time die.

Culture Registration Status consumption rate (l/ ha) Spraying period
Rape Registered 0,15-0,2 Vegetation
Soy 0,1-0,15
Potatoes 0,1-0,2

Advantages of the drug:

  • safe for bees and bumble bees
  • low rate of introduction
  • lack of resistance
  • resistant to washing sediments
  • shows no Repellent effect, which is important for useful entomofauna
  • protective effect during 30 days

Recommendations for use:

Do not mix with drugs that are composed of copper compounds. Compatible with most herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers, but in every case it is recommended to check for compatibility. Spraying conduct in the morning or evening when the wind speed of 5 m / s. Do not use Tianid SC within the fishery farms (by the standards stipulated by SSES). To counter resistance and increased,, knockout effect "recommended for use in tank mixtures with drug Punisher EC.

The range of actions:

Target objects:

Rape - Rape weevil, cruciferous flea beetles, pryhovanohobotnyk, cabbage Galitsa, Helen hairy, aphids.
Soy - aphids, acacia moth, thrips, weevils nodule, bugs.
Potatoes - Colorado beetle, aphids.

Product is available in a convenient and reliable canister that has been tested for durability on the pressure and mechanical stress that occurs during transportation and storage. Inside the canister contained ftoryste special coating that ensures a secured environment.

Canister - 1 l.